derelict sculpture in San Francisco

"for over a year now residents of the san francisco bay area have been treated to  strange ephemeral but continuing manifestations of the creative urge. Hundreds of forms, ranging from the whimsical and playful to the evocative and absorbing, have appeared on the tidal flats bordering the east shore freeway at berkeley. Constructed between flood tides out of tin cans, tires, driftwood, structures that outlast the next high tide are rare. but like a frequent and aquatic phoenix a new sculpture appears where the old has fallen."


- arts & architecture - july, 1964

arch teaching slides usc

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kid stuff found in the USC architectural teaching slide collection  (via @andrew_romano_)


children's playroom - cohen residence, san francisco, ca 1950. designed by Joseph esherick

children's playroom - tremaine residence, montecito, ca 1949. designed by richard neutra

bunk beds in a children's room - channel heights housing project, san pedro, ca 1943. designed by richard neutra

kindergarten classroom - dolores elementary school, carmel, ca 1949. designed by ernest j. kump

classroom shelf - experimental garden school, bell, ca 1935. designed by richard neutra


typography from Ant Farm's Inflatocookbook

typography from Ant Farm's Inflatocookbook.


the original Inflatacookbook was printed in January, 1971. The book was an attempt to gather information and skills learned in process and present it in an easily accessible format. The first edition of 2000 was printed on loose leaf paper in a vinyl binder in Sausalito, CA. 


full PDF here


works by Jeffrey Shaw & Eventstructure Research Group

works by Jeffrey Shaw, co-founder of the Eventstructure Research Group (1969–1979)

a full catalog of Shaw's previous and most recent work is available here


• CORPOCINEMA - 1967, Amsterdam *

SUPERTUBE - 1968, Amsterdam *

PNEUTUBE - 1968, Amsterdam *

HOMAGE TO BLADEN - 1971, Arnhem, Netherlands *

CUSION - 1969, Amsterdam *

WATER TOTEMS - 1969, Amsterdam *

AQUA AIRGROUND - 1972, Amsterdam *

WATERWALK - 1969, Amsterdam *

WATERWALK TUBE - 1970 Hannover, Germany *

* produced in collaboration with theo botschuijver and sean wellesley-miller


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United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information

Photogrammar is a web-based platform for organizing, searching, and visualizing the 170,000 photographs from 1935 to 1945 created by the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI). 


Most of these images have been available for years through the Library of Congress online catalog - but until now have not been this thoroughly organized  (and sans LOC watermark).


via kottke



Index cards which made up the exhibition catalog for 955,000, an exhibition organized by Lucy Lippard at the Vancouver Art Gallery,  1970.


The index cards, sent in by the artists for the exhibition catalogue, give instructions for the construction and installation of  works as there was no budget to either fly the artists in or to ship all artworks to Vancouver. The objects and installations were executed by Lucy Lippard herself, by Vancouver artists and other volunteers.


exhibition site here


more images/info here and here


previously: Ruins in Process - Vancouver art in the sixties



kym maxwell's research material for her participatory arts project goodwill

kym maxwell's research material for her participatory arts project goodwill.

inspired by Palle Nielsen’s Model for a Qualitative Societyand and participatory art of the 60’s and 70’s, goodwill explores notions of spatial and social politics and questions about the importance and (decline) of kinesthetic play in everyday life. the research material is closely based on David Cashman and Roger Faginʼs work from the late 70’s.



LA PETITE BIBLIOTHÈQUE RONDE (formerly La joie par les livres)

located in clamart, france, the library was designed and Built by the architect members of the Atelier de Montrouge with furniture by alvar aalto and Arne Jacobsen in 1965. the nine concrete cylinders that make up the building's structure are surrounded by a community garden designed by émile prévosteau. It has played a central role in the 'recognition and dissemination of children's literature' and remains 'engaged in the fight against inequalities in access to art and culture.'

* prints of the above black and white photos by MARTINE FRANCK are still hanging in the library today (here & here)


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getty images (watermarked): Edouard BOUBAT